The Salvation Army Encourages You to Donate Your Ex's Stuff

Campaign focuses on the couples who are no longer in love

Published On
Apr 16, 2013

Editor's Pick

It's not February, or even close, but the Salvation Army and WMcCann are out to create the anti-thesis to the lovey-doviest day of the year. They've designated tomorrow "Ex-Valentine's Day," with a campaign that asks you to forego the ritualistic burning of your ex's stuff and donate it instead.

A stop motion film directed by Gabriel Nobrega stars a necktie with the voice of Latin artist Juan Luis Guerra, who tries to make some romance happen with some other objects, only to find itself being donated by a spurned ex-girlfriend.

A print campaign talks about the myriad reasons you might have wanted the relationship to end. A tagline says: "Too bad it's over. But since it's over, donate." An accompanying Facebook app lets you virtually "burn" photos of your ex -- and do it in a very public way.