This Game Could Be Advertising's 'Monopoly'

Kickstarter Idea Is Designed to Bring Out the Worst in You

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Sep 15, 2015

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If advertising had its own "Monopoly," this could be it. Singapore-based designers Callison Neo and David Goh of creative boutique Excaliburp are behind The Award Winning Game, a Kickstarter idea for a tabletop game that invites players to run their own ad agencies and dominate the awards scene -- no matter what morals you need to set aside.

The gameplay is simple and sounds pretty much like advertising itself: set up your own shop, pitch for accounts and make money, grow by hiring creatives and undermining your competitors -- and finally, win awards using whatever strategy it takes.

"As fans of tabletop games who spent our fair share of time in advertising, we set out to create a game that's not only relatable and enjoyable by our peers, but also offers outsiders an honest (but slightly exaggerated) take on the industry," Mr. Neo and Mr. Goh describe on the game site.

Players choose from a variety of roles: creative director, tech whiz, graphic designer, jack-of-all trades or businessman-turned-creative. They set out to win such accounts as Clog-Cola, BMI, S&M, iPotato and Procrastigram.

As they grow their businesses, they face trying moments such as the departure of a creative leader or having to choose between losing a staffer or losing a big account. And then, awards season rolls around during which agencies vie for hardware from organizations such as the Iffy Awards, Young'uns, DEAD,Cannes Kitty, Screws Asia and more.

The founders say that the gameplay mechanics "are designed to bring out the worst in us." Trump Cards and Scandal cards allow players to undermine their opponents in dastardly ways, whether it's by blackmail, sending them a client from hell or bribing the awards judges.

The fun of Award Winning Agency, as it is perhaps with a game such as Monopoly, is "less about hard work, passion and more about how badly and creatively you're able to screw over your friends," the founders describe on the site.

So far, the game has earned $1,575 of its $25,610 goal, with 29 days left to go in the Kickstarter round.


Sep 15, 2015
Callison Neo
David Goh

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