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Jul 06, 2021


Health care is complex. Driving digital innovation in health care gets even stickier. That said, the impact of COVID-19 in early 2020 accelerated the need for digital transformation across the health care industry. No longer is the shift towards digital experiences in the space were ‘nice to have’, they became imperative. This five-part video explainer series championed how Providence’s Digital Innovation Group is driving innovation at a time when the industry needs it most. Leveraging relatable business analogies, this ‘explainer’ series broke down the areas where digital can have the biggest impacts on both consumer experiences and the business of health care. Surprisingly, things like booking a restaurant reservation online, Blockbuster’s inevitable demise, online shopping, or even planning travel all share some connective tissue with the opportunities arising for health systems. The series served up starting points for health tech entrepreneurs and innovators to take action, pointed them towards deeper insights that could frame today’s need for more innovative and digitally-centered solutions, and shared how Providence’s Digital Innovation Group is leading the way.







Jul 06, 2021
Agency :
Client :
Providence Digital Innovation Group
Animator :
Wa Vong
Writer :
Pat McKay

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