Smell Like Fried Chicken With KFC's Extra Crispy Sunscreen

George Hamilton's 'Extra Crispy' Colonel Promotes the (Real) Giveaway

Published On
Aug 22, 2016

Editor's Pick

Labor Day weekend should smell interesting this year, as KFC gives away supplies of a fried-chicken scented suncreen.

The company today launched a hilarious video, once again featuring perma-tanned actor George Hamilton as the Extra Crispy Colonel, promoting the sunscreen. But it's not a joke -- it really does exist. From today, 3,000 bottles of SPF 30 Extra Crispy Sunscreen will be available online (for a free bottle, visitors must fill out a request form at the website.) KFC's PR agency Edelman created the concept and produced the sunscreen, while Wieden & Kennedy created the label and video.

It's not the brand's first foray into toiletries/cosmetics: earlier this year in Hong Kong it introduced nail polish that tastes of fried chicken. Meanwhile other fast food rivals like Burger King have offered air fresheners and fragrance that smells of their fare. We dread to think what's next.