Extra's twisted holiday ad highlights the hurdles of being together again

Latest humorous spot from Energy BBDO encourages revelers to 'chew it before you do it'

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Nov 22, 2021

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So many of this year’s holiday ads have embraced the joy that comes with loved ones reuniting once again, but this commercial from Mars Wrigley’s Extra gum reminds us of the headaches that go hand-in-hand with such gatherings—such as passive-aggressive gift-giving, annoying relatives and disturbing revelations about your significant other.

But that’s where Extra gum comes in. While perhaps it’s best known as a breath freshener that makes you ready to face the world out there, as we saw in its previous return-to-normal ad, it can serve another purpose as an aid to help you to hold your tongue in situations where you could likely end up putting your foot in your mouth. 

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For example, when your parents present you with a book titled “Don’t Worry! You’ll Find Love” or you discover your girlfriend is a collector of really scary looking dolls, just stick a piece of Extra in your mouth and “Chew It Before You Do It,” as the ad’s tagline says. 

The ad was conceived out of Energy BBDO, which has created many a delightful story around the brand, first starting with super sentimental fare such as the viral hit “Sara and Juan,” but more recently taking a comedic turn post-pandemic with the Celine Dion-backed “For When It’s Time” and this holiday spot, which was directed by MAMA via World War Seven.

The campaign also includes a “Chew It Before You Do It” button that Extra will be giving to select fans who tweet “#ChewBeforeYouDo” from Dec. 6 through Dec. 17. The button is filled with a pack of Extra gum and can be placed at parties or other venues where potentially awkward moments could occur. 

The campaign is meant to be a “playful solve to those hilariously awkward holiday moments we may have all forgotten about after an atypical holiday season last year,” said Natalie Malone, brand manager for Extra Gum, Mars Wrigley U.S. in a statement. “We hope our relatable content and campaign delivers better moments and more smiles this season and reminds our fans that sometimes ‘chewing it over’ can make all the difference.”

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