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May 06, 2024
AA WI 20240313 Apartmentscom RPA 3x2


With rents on the rise and economic uncertainty persisting, renters were facing added pressure and anxiety in their quests to find new homes. We wanted to remind them that, as the category leader, no one knows more about renting or cares more about renters than Apartments.com. So, we set out to tell over 100 million people that no matter who you are or where you come from, Apartments.com is the place to find the right place to live.

We built on the success of our long-running campaign and took our spokescharacter, Brad Bellflower (played by Jeff Goldblum) back to the Super Bowl. Leaning into the cultural fascination and buzz around alien encounters, the campaign takes the cinematic approach of a blockbuster movie. To create anticipation and curiosity on a Super Bowl-worthy scale, our narrative began before the big game with a campaign rollout that took the approach of a film premiere. It launched with unbranded teasers spoofing an upcoming Jeff Goldblum sci-fi hit. Along with the teasers running in the NFL Playoffs and Grammys, the movie misdirect continued with content across social channels, out-of-home, and partnerships with “MovieTok” creators.

Designed to intrigue, engage, and give our audience a laugh, the campaign showed that Apartments.com truly understands all renters and their needs, making us the universal leader in renting.