F1 driver Checo Pérez faces his toughest challenge yet—bumper cars—in high-octane Ruffles spot

Slap Global’s ‘Bumping Checo’ extends the agency’s partnership with PepsiCo Mexico

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Feb 23, 2023
Checo Pérez in a bumper car in the new Ruffles Mexico ad

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Advertising around auto racing tends to lean into the adrenaline of the sport, often missing its more playful side. But as any fan of Mario Kart knows, car racing in many ways is akin to a video game on acid—a freewheeling vibe captured nicely in Slap Global’s new Ruffles campaign in Mexico.

The video stars Sergio "Checo" Pérez, the Mexican Formula 1 driver. And the setting is a fun and inspired one—an amusement-park style bumper-cars ride, where 10 racing fans start their engines with one goal in mind: to “Bump Checo.” 

Everyone, buckle up for this one.


The spot comes off as an effortless delight, but making it was painstaking and intense.

“We built the bumper cars, the track, the entire set from scratch,” Maxi Itzkoff, co-founder of Slap Global, told Ad Age. “The cars were engineered to be fast and agile, able to rip around the race track.”

The set design and art direction were made to look like an amusement park—but bigger than a typical bumper-cars track, so the drivers could maneuver around each other. They also hired professional drivers, not regular people, to drive the cars.

The shoot took three days. Núñez Irigoyen was the director. Leandro Ferrao, who came with a lot of experience creating action sequences, was the DP.

“Under this concept, Ruffles wants to continue strengthening its link with sports and offering valuable content and promotions for its consumers, and above all, continue to promote the importance of authenticity, respect and self-confidence,” said Clara Contreras, director of potatoes at PepsiCo Alimentos Mexico.

Slap Global has been doing a lot of work with PepsiCo Mexico in the past year, including the LGBTQ+ story “Bold Love” for Doritos just last month.