Merrill Edge : Face Retirement

Everyone's gotta get old someday.

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Dec 06, 2012

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Financial services companies don't usually go down the creative route to get more customers, but Merrill Edge's "Face Retirement" does the trick, showing how you'll look when you're old in order to get you to start saving up. It's a new twist on the many websites that age you digitally, and uses a facial aging algorithm that takes your picture and shows how you'll look in 10, 20 or 30 years.

According to Wired, the site is based on a 2011 study that showed that people often don't save up money for retirement because they think they won't get old -- that older person they will one day become is not someone they identify with. To get you even more scared, the site also shows cost-of-living projections, to show how the cost of basic needs will rise.


Dec 06, 2012
Merrill Edge
Merrill Edge

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