Facebook Previews 'Home' in New Online Film

Chairs only appear briefly

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Apr 04, 2013

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Facebook launches "Home," its new Android experience, with a voiceover-heavy YouTube video featuring images of people "connecting" with their friends. The message is: You already use your phone to stay in touch, so why do it via Facebook? Facebook Home is an integrated application that turns Android phones into basically, a "Facebook Phone." It re-imagines the traditional Android screen -- done via an HTC First device for now, although it is made to work on any Android handset -- and turns your landing page into a News Feed pulled from your Facebook. It also includes a new chat system, called Chatheads, which builds messaging right into the phone so you don't have to switch between apps. If you want to access the other, more standard Android apps, you can pull those up by "pressing down" on the homescreen.

The film, not produced out of agency of record Wieden + Kennedy, is a precursor to Facebook's yet-to-be-released first TV advertising, which Ad Age has reported about here.