Guarana Antarctica : Facebook-powered car

Social media as fuel.

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Feb 17, 2012

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Brazilian soft drinks brand Guarana Antarctica is sending a car to a Carnival party, 'powered' by interactions on Facebook in a campaign through Espalhe Guerilla Marketing (the agency behind last year's Hall's Green Grape Facebook campaign.)

To get a ride in the car, participants first had to post creative phrases on Guarana's Facebook page. Three people were then chosen to drive the car from Sao Paolo to Salvador in Bahia for the party next week, but they need to to get 220.000 interactions on the Facebook app in order to get there; for example, a 'like' on the app accounts for 10 meters and a comment for 20. A tablet attached to the panel of the car counts every Facebook interaction in real time, showing how much fuel the travelers have engaged so far and the amount of miles they still have to cover.

Once there, they can enjoy being V.I.P. guests of famous singer Claudia Leitte and party alongside with Brazilian soccer team players Lucas and Neymar. But, if they don't get enough interactions for the daily miles, a system that connects the app to the vehicle ignition will prevent the car from carrying on.