KLM : Facebook Seatmates

The window seat, next to the hot guy, please.

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Dec 13, 2011
Facebook Seatmates

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Here's a brand new way to bring online networking into the real world- and potentially liven up a dull long haul flight. According to USA Today, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is planning to let passengers choose their seats using Facebookand LinkedIn profiles.

When they check in online, they'll be able to view other passengers' profiles and select their seat (presumably for either professional networking, or possibly in flight joining of the mile-high club). However, making your profile publicly available will be optional--so you can avoid the slimeball hitting on you or the annoying person hoping to beg you for a job for nine hours. The service will be piloted early next year. At the same time, Malaysia Airlines is also reportedly releasing a 'check in' style service on Facebook that lets passengers see which friends are taking the same flight at the same time.

The idea is reminiscent of Ticketmaster's Interactive Seat Maps from earlier this year that invited friends, and stalkers, to find their way next to you during big events.