Barnardo's : Facebook Social Reader

Read what your friends are reading.

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Sep 23, 2011

Editor's Pick

With the Washington Post's new Social Reader app for Facebook, you can personalize news content according to your interests, 'likes' and the stories your friends are reading. Once you're using the app, the stories you read will be instantly shared with your friends, and you can click on a friend's profile photo to find out what he or she is reading.

Announced at Facebook's F8 news conference this week, the app sources content from a range of media partners including The Associated Press, Express Night Out, Foreign Policy, GlobalPost, The A.V. Club, Reuters, The Root, SB Nation, Slate, Sugar Inc., WetPaint Entertainment and Mashable. You can read the full articles on Facebook, without having to go to the source site or be a subscriber - and the app is also ad free.