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Sep 22, 2011

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When dataviz guru Nick Felton announced he'd be joining Facebook with his partner Ryan Case last April, you knew it was only a matter of time before you'd see what sorts of data-driven magic they'd bring to the social networking site.

At Facebook's F8 conference yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook Timeline and Lifestyle Apps, offerings inspired by Felton's past endeavors. Timeline is a new profile set up that allows users to craft their own biographies in a tile-like format, giving prime real estate to what's actually, well, most important, while Lifestyle Apps allows users to track the minutiae of their daily lives, just as Felton fans did via his popular Daytum site.

Organizing Facebook data in a more meaningful way is something that advertisers have already attempted to do themselves. DDB Paris, for example, compiled Facebook data into a hardbound book for Bouygues Telecom, while Germay's Cosalux created this effort for Deutsche Post, which did the same, but interpreted the data in a more meaningful (and Felton-minded) way.