IBM : Factory to Fish Farm

Ogilvy Paris Asks Residents to Make Cities Better

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May 28, 2014

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Ogilvy Paris' "Smarter Cities" effort for IBM last year turned city structures like bus stops into useful infrastructure -- and won a Grand Prix at Cannes while at it.

Now, IBM's latest phase for the effort turned to the residents of cities to ask them how they would improve their cities. Created in partnership with Zooppa, a social network for creative talent like filmmakers and bloggers, the push accepted 80 entries, and picked eight winners from around the world.

Ideas included "Granby Park," a video from Dublin that won first prize that showed how an empty space could be repurposed. Another, from Detroit, (seen here) turned a defunct, abandoned factory that was changed into an "indoor fish pond," changing the face of the local food sales economy.

The videos will be available on the branded People For Smarter Cities site as well as YouTube and IBM social-media sites beginning Wednesday.