Coke Makes Peace Again -- Between Rival Soccer Fans

Italy's Milan and Inter Supporters Come Together Via the Power of Soda

Published On
May 05, 2014

Editor's Pick

Coke used vending machines to bring fighting parties together with its award-winning "Small World Machines" campaign. But now, instead of bringing together nations at odds, it's using drink dispensers to ameliorate tensions between another kind of rival-- soccer fans. Two of the world's best soccer teams are both based in Italy: Inter and Milan. To ease the aggression between their fans, Coke installed vending machines on opposite sides of Milan's San Siro stadium as the teams faced off, but there was a hitch. Pressing the button of one machine dropped a Coke can down the chute of that on the side of the rival team -- so rivals could only receive Cokes from each other. The campaign was created out of McCann and directed by Filmmaster's Edoardo Lugari.