KFC Highlights a Different Kind of 'Boyhood' in This U.K. Spot

Latest Charming Ad From BBH Features a Foster Family

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Feb 09, 2015

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"Boyhood," which last night won the BAFTA in the U.K. for Best Film, follows the story of a boy growing up over 12 years. KFC's latest U.K. ad has a similar theme, although (we're assuming) agency BBH and director Ben Liam Jones didn't use the same actors and take a decade to film it. Instead, they've found actors who look remarkably similar to show the boy in the spot, who we first meet being introduced to his new foster parents, then growing up into a man, graduating from college and eventually fostering his own child. The spot, which might bring a tear to your eye, is the latest in a series of charming KFC ads featuring families, which have included Fans and The Boy Who Learned to Share. By including a foster family in this one, says KFC in a statement, the company aims to "reflect the diversity of families in Britain today."