Asteroid Hitting the Earth, or Monobrow? Harvey Nichols Wants to Know What You Think is Worse

Recruitment Ads Continue Brand's Celebration of Human Selfishness

Published On
Jun 04, 2015

Editor's Pick

Harvey Nichols' advertising through Adam & Eve/DDB has been justifiably award-winning, thanks to its snarky wit and hilarious celebration of human selfishness. The department store's latest recruitment ads are in the same vein. With the tagline "Fantatics Wanted," the print, digital and social media ads pose multiple-choice questions to find out whether applicants have what it takes to work at Harvey Nichols. For example, would item one in their divorce settlement be their house, their kid or a fabulous designer dress? Or, what's the biggest natural disaster -- an asteroid hitting earth, a mega-flood or a monobrow?