Launching FanDuel in penn with a 900lb pig

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Sep 26, 2019


Now that sports betting is accessible to everyone in Pennsylvania, it should feel that way to consumers, but it doesn’t. People new to betting are excited by it, but they are intimidated and nervous. So we thought we’d normalize what seems out of the ordinary, but is actually completely legal, like bringing your 900lb service pig named Marley to a bowling alley. 

The spot sets the stage for FanDuel to make online sports betting easy, accessible and more fun, making it simple, secure, and more convenient than ever to residents and visitors of Pennsylvania. Much of the company’s success is due to its focus on the customer experience, which led to it becoming the number one sports betting app in New Jersey.

The production spanned two days to give the actor and the pig enough time to get acquainted with each other. And on set, the 900lb hog required her handler nearby at every moment for constant feeding so that she would resist the urge to nibble on her co-star’s attire.


Sep 26, 2019
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The Many
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