Watch the Slick-Looking Science Fiction Film that Budweiser Made

Short Film Stars Chinese Pop Superstar Eason Chan as a Bartender in a Dystopian Future

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Jun 21, 2017

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In the U.S., Budweiser has been plugging its Made-in-America message with U.S.A.-themed ads and labels. In China, obviously, it has a different tactic. Budweiser's new summer campaign there involves electronic dance music and a sci-fi film set in a dystopian future where a bottle of Bud can set you free.

The four-and-a-half-minute ad, by CAA Marketing, features pop superstar Eason Chan as a bartender who helps actress Fish Liew escape from a gray, monotonous world, finding refuge in a dance club where she can let loose and be herself.

AB InBev's Budweiser markets itself as a premium beer brand in China. The brand's campaigns often have a different feel in China, which was the first market where Budweiser tapped into electronic dance music, or EDM. Now it's a big part of its strategy there. The brand took a risk with that, since EDM was little-known in China when Budweiser got interested.

Matt Che, Budweiser's North Asia-Pacific market VP, sensed there was potential. Chinese consumers who listened would say things like, "I feel a moment of peace, a moment of release after a tough day at work, when I hear the music," he recalled. The brand has worked on an EDM festival in China called Budweiser Storm since 2013. It started out in Shanghai and has spread to nine cities.

"A brand shouldn't always just see what consumers like," Che said. "We should be taking them with us, beyond expectations."

Cantopop singer Chan, paired with DJ Alok, made his first EDM track for the campaign. Budweiser had worked with CAA Marketing, part of Creative Artists Agency, on a Halloween campaign for China, and it tapped the agency again for this project. The inspiration for the video came from an activation the brand was planning involving wristbands that light up in time to music. Budweiser is distributing a few different versions of the wristbands this summer; their pulsing red lights are a note of color in the film, set in a world where everything is gray and nobody smiles.

"It's a metaphor for people living in modern society in Shanghai, New York or Paris �" people are doing their routine, living up to other people's standards or expectations," Che said. The film encourages people to break free and unleash their true personalities; it's called "Fang," which means "unleash" in Chinese.

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Jun 21, 2017
Client :
Client :
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