What Does a Tuna Fart Sound Like? This App Will Show You

GS&P Beta Group Creates a Science App for Kids and It's a Gas

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Jun 02, 2014

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Farts are funny (especially when you're a kid) so why not make them fun-ducational? GS&P Beta Group -- Goodby Silverstein & Partners' in-house product development studio -- debuts the Fart Code, a health and science themed application on iTunes today. Kids (big and small) can now scan bar codes to get the skinny on the ingredients and which ones make you gassy, making them more aware of what they're consuming.

An algorithm evaluates the item's toxicity level and displays it on a fartometer before letting one rip. The app releases a sound similar in both volume and vibration to the one a person can. For those holding off getting the Encyclopedia Flatulence-ia, fun fart facts are available in this Buzzfeed listicle the development team created.