Best of 2017 Print/OOH/Design--No. 1: 'Wall Street's Iconic 'Charging Bull' Statue Has Met Its Match: 'Fearless Girl'

State Street Global Advisors' Statue Already Won in PR, Glass and Outdoor Categories

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Mar 07, 2017

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Through New Year's, we'll be counting down the best work of the year in TV/Film/Branded Content, Print/Outdoor/Design and Interactive/Integrated (IX) as our picks of the day.

If there's any one piece of work that defined 2017, it's our No. 1 pick in Print/OOH/Design, "Fearless Girl." Conceived out of McCann New York by the creative team of Tali Gumbiner and Lizzie Wilson, the bronze statue of a girl that stands defiantly across from the iconic Wall Street "Charging Bull" transcended the many controversies of its patron, State Street Global Advisors, to become an modern-day icon of women's empowerment.

Earlier this year, it earned multiple Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, earning four Grand Prix, including Titanium, PR, Glass and Non-traditional Outdoor. It had come into Cannes a heavy favorite and lived up to expectations. The Titanium award is for work that is disruptive and irreverent, and that fits "Fearless Girl," said jury President Tham Khai Meng, co-chairman and worldwide chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather. "We also wanted to award what the world loves." He added that "Fearless Girl" goes beyond an ad and will be a permanent icon. "It's about time we stand up for women, and not just women. It's fighting against fear. Especially in a world riven with fear."

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Original story:

The iconic Wall Street bull statue now has a matador: a badass little girl.

On the eve of International Women's Day, "Charging Bull," the former guerilla art sculpture by Arturo Di Modica that's now a fixture of Manhattan's Financial district got a new companion, a defiant, bronze statue of a girl who confronts him head-on, arms akimbo, standing proudly and powerfully.

Conceived out of McCann New York and created by Artist Kristen Visbal, "The Fearless Girl" was commissioned by asset management firm State Street Global Advisors to mark its initiative urging the 3,500+ companies in which it invests for its clients to increase the number of women on their corporate boards. See more about how she was made in an accompanying film.

McCann dropped "The Fearless Girl" face to face with her beastly foe in the middle of the night. Like the bull, she was cast out of bronze, covered in the same patina. The agency had secured a temporary permit for her appearance, but it is also working with the NYC Department of Transportation on an extended, maybe permanent, stay.

Perhaps she'll see the same fate as the beastly bruiser, which has a temporary permit as well, but hasn't left Wall Street since it first appeared in 1989.


Mar 07, 2017
McCann-New York
State Street Global Advisors
State Street Global Advisors
Rob Reilly
Chief Creative Officer:
Eric Silver
Chief Creative Officer:
Joyce King Thomas
Managing Director:
Devika Bulchandani
Co-Chief Creative Officer:
Tom Murphy
Co-Chief Creative Officer:
Sean Bryan
Senior Art Director:
Lizzie Wilson
Senior Copywriter:
Tali Gumbiner
Chief Production Officer:
Nathy Aviram
Innovation Executive Producer:
Christine Lane
Senior Integrated Producer:
Deb Archambault
Design Director:
George Katz
Design Director:
David Mashburn
Head of Communications Strategy:
David Broad
Director, Social and Mobile:
Gemma Craven
Director, Strategy:
Kevin Kim
Executive Account Director:
Peter Bracegirdle
Account Supervisor:
Molly Vossler
Junior Producer:
Doug Harrison
Senior Project Manager:
Steven Marchione
Chief Communications Officer:
Jeremy Miller
Brand Communications Director:
Neena Koyen
Senior Editor:
Nathan Troester
Brett Berman
Eric Perini
Music Executive Producer:
Eric Johnson
Music Producer:
Dan Gross
Kristen Visbal
Art Producer:
Visbal Sculpture, Inc.
Production Company:
Traction Creative
Bryan Roberts
Production Company:
Stuart Weissman
Federica Valabrega
Director, Photography:
Jack Shanahan
Associate Creative Director:
Jeff Clanet
Kris Chu
COPILOT Strategic Music & Sound

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