Motion Sensor Data From Dancers in Converse Chucks Created This Music Video

Director Margot Bowman Animates Artwork With Movements of Lisbon Street Dancers

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Apr 28, 2016

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Lisbon street dancers wore Chucks fitted with motion sensors to create a music video for Converse, in collaboration with Portuguese Kuduro producer, DJ NK.

Creative collective The Rig Out and RSA director Margot Bowman tracked the movements of the dancers, collated the data, and used it create "Feedback," an abstract music video which Bowman describes in a statement as "a project about the feedback loop between creative ideas, technology and creative expression."

The movement of the data animates Bowman's artwork, a psychedelic melange of illustration and Lisbon street scene; it's also worth watching the Making Of film for Converse to see just how awesome the dancing was.