Sony Takes a 'Blade Runner'-Themed Trip Through History to Promote the Bravia

Spot by Dentsu Japan References 'Blade Runner: 2049'

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Oct 12, 2017

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TVs have changed a fair amount over the last 35 years, but what we watch hasn't--in 2017, we're still fans of "Blade Runner."

That's the theme of Sony's latest ad from Japan, which takes us on a quick tour through the history of its Bravia TV, from 1982 to the present day with "Blade Runner" as the common link. The time-hopping commercial begins by taking viewers back in time to a living room in 1988 as a group of friends gather to watch the original "Blade Runner" on their boxy TV set. There's a glimpse of perms, shoulder pads and chintzy furniture before we are whisked forward to 2005, where another group of two couples watch the original movie in a more minimalist room with a widescreen TV. Finally we fast forward to 2017 with the latest Bravia showing the trailer for "Blade Runner: 2049" (a Sony movie, naturally). The decor is futurustic, and what's more, there's a hint that the two couples might now be not be heterosexual.

The ad, by Dentsu Japan, was shot in Spain and directed by Edu Vieitez in custom-built sets designed to allow the action to move smoothly from decade to decade. PSN Spain and GunsRock was responsible for the production design, including art, wardrobe and sourcing the vintage Bravias as well as Sony products like Walkmans and mobile phones to create authentic sets for each era.

The film is running online and on Japanese TV.


Oct 12, 2017
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Creative Director :
George Sugitomo
Production :
GunsRock Inc
Production :
Director :
Edu Vieitez
Director, Photography :
Pedro del Rey
Executive Producer :
Shinya Kishiro
Producer :
Tadashi Shimizu
Executive Producer :
Michael Moffett
Executive Producer :
David Manchado

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