Mitsubishi Fools Car Fans With a Set of Wheels Owned by a Woman

Commenters Assumed the 'Sick' Outlander Was Owned by a 'Dude'

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Mar 08, 2017

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Mitsubishi's International Women's Day campaign set out to reveal some unconscious bias among motoring fans.

The brand posted a modded Mitsubishi Outlander Sport on its Facebook and Instagram channels. From the comments (like "sick car bro" and "dude, that's pretty cool") it was clear that fans thought the car belonged to a male enthusiast. But a week later, on International Women's Day, Mitsubishi posted a video revealing that the owner, and passionate car enthusiast, is a woman.

The aim of the campaign, by 180 L.A. is to inspire and celebrate female drivers. As the vast majority of car enthusiasts are male, including those fans active on Mitsubishi's social channels, the brand wanted to try and break that stereotype.