While Real FIFA Faces Corruption Charges, Videogame FIFA Welcomes Women

Gamers Will Be Able to Play as Twelve Female Teams From Around the World

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May 29, 2015

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Football's international governing body FIFA is arguably at its worst moment in history as several of its top officials face corruption charges, potentially pulling major sponsors down too. But in the gaming world, EA Sports' FIFA achieves a major milestone welcoming female players to the game for the first time.

The publisher just released this teaser ad for FIFA 16, highlighting the addition of women's national teams to the game and showing tidbits of the production process behind it.

Due out in September, the latest edition of the game will allow players to compete as women soccer teams from twelve countries, including eight from the top ten nationas in FIFA Women's World Ranking. The teams featured will be from USA, Brazil, Germany, Canada, France, Sweden, England, China, Australia, Italy, Mexico and Spain.

According to EA, the addition of female players has been one of fans' most requested features in recent years. During the last few months, the company "worked with each federation to capture head-scans, facial features and hairstyles of all the players included in-game," as stated on the EA site. "In some cases, this meant taking our mobile headscanning unit to a number of different tournaments and events around the world. Additionally, we invited members of the Canadian and US national teams to our Capture Lab in Burnaby, BC to record player movement and help in the development of new player models."