A.I. transformed a film festival's lineup into this gorgeous Rorschach art

We Are Pi used tech to create trailer for Independent Documentary Festival Amsterdam

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Nov 08, 2021

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A new film trailer for Amsterdam's Independent Documentary Festival used artificial intelligence to analyze data from the content on show and turn it into Rorschach-based art.

The campaign, by We Are Pi, the campaign used a bespoke A.I. scanning algorithm to analyze documentaries being showcased at the 2021 festival and transform them into Rorschach-based ink drawings.

The idea is to reflect that, similar to how people see different images in Rorschach ink drawings, so too they see different perspectives in documentary films.

"We best know Rorschach as a psychological test where people are asked to examine inkblots and share their interpretation of what they see," said We Are Pi design director Seth Josephs, in a statement. "Famously, people often see wildly different things in the same image. We wanted to take what people love and know about Rorschach art and use it in the context of film. Because much like viewing a film, there is never one perspective, but many."

To create the campaign, We Are Pi worked with installation artist collective Circus Family, using an A.I. parametric algorithm to scan the films' color brightness and luminance, duration and location. The data was then translated into ink patterns with a specially constructed robot that released the ink patterns into a tank of water. The machine then created dynamic Rorschach Inkblots. In the campaign film, below, these explosions can be seen building up to a crescendo.

The campaign is rolling out in cinema, social, print, outdoor and PR, ahead of the film festival's run from Nov. 17-28. 



Nov 08, 2021
Client :
Independent Documentary Festival Amsterdam
Agency :
We Are Pi
Production Company :
Pi Studios
Director :
Richard Hu
Director of Photography :
Richard Hu
Director of Photography :
Boje Pleog
Photographer :
Richard Hu
Edit :
Richard Hu
Titles :
Nick Fatouris
Installation :
Circus Family
Soundsright Composer :
Mari Koning
Soundsright Composer :
Joshua Petit
Soundsright Composer :
Jelle Hoebee
Producer :
Marina Kagan
Tag Collective Arts Post Producer :
Philip Delaney
Flame Artist :
James Mortner
Colorist :
Alexandre Nerzic
PR Film Music Track :
Audiovisual Studio :
Circus Family
Music & Sound Design :
Grade & VFX :
Tag Collective Arts
Music for PR Film :

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