Asics Invites Runners to Turn Detective in Experiential L.A. Adventure

Event Combined a 5K Run With Immersive Theater

Published On
Feb 10, 2017

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Asics brought immersive theater to the world of running recently with an experiential campaign in L.A. that invited urban runners to take part in a film noir-themed story.

The experience, which took place Jan. 27, invited a group of runners, including journalists and "influencers," to step into the shoes of Hollywood detectives with a film-noir style case to solve. Using a customized communications and runner tracking system, mapping, routing and timing, the runners were choreographed across a 5K urban course taking in multiple locations for theatrical interactions. They raced through the streets unravelling clues through downtown L.A., taking in locations including the Roxie Theatre, Dutch Chocolate Shop and Bank Reserve Building.

The event was created by 180 Amsterdam and produced in partnership with L.A.-based production company HeLo. The experience was made into a promotional film (seen here) that will air across the U.K., U.S., China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Holland, France Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and Mexico.

Al Moseley, president and chief creative officer, 180 Amsterdam, commented in a statement: "We've helped Asics win the hearts and minds of the serious runner. This was now about creating cultural impact with the social runner."