StreetEasy's Witty Outdoor Ads Reflect the Real Stories Behind Real Estate Searches

Campaign Demonstrates How Site Filters Listings

Published On
Aug 01, 2017

Editor's Pick

Real estate website StreetEasy explores some of the personal stories behind New Yorkers' real-estate searches with a series of witty outdoor ads running in the city.

The ads' clever copy shows how StreetEasy lets you filter through available listings to pick and choose the combination of amenities that works for them. For example, the words "Central Air" in a search box are followed by "because my biggest fear in life is the A/C unit falling and killing somebody. " Another reads: "No 'doorman' for me. I have enough people in my life judging me" and there's also "'2+ baths' is almost like not having roommates. I only see Ryan when the delivery person rings and we both think it's for us."

The OOH campaign, the latest for the client from Office of Baby, will appear throughout the city on street ads, isubway stations, subway cars, buses and taxis. Related radio ads will run on Spotify and Pandora, as well as on local NYC terrestrial stations.