Meet the Russian Ace Ventura in Skype's Real-Life Story

Latest Campaign Shows Unexpected Ways People Use Video Calling

Published On
Jan 16, 2015

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Skype's latest campaign through Pereira & O'Dell takes the "real-life stories" approach, in vogue with tech brands like Google, highlighting tales of people using the technology. However, rather than just tugging at your heartstrings, it takes a more quirky approach, sniffing out some unexpected ways that people use the video calling service around the world.

In the first spot we meet Valeriy Sugrobov, a Russian "pet detective," who scours the streets of Moscow looking for lost pets. He uses Skype to interview clients, and even, as shown in this film, to get people to call their pets by name once he's spotted them.

While the short film will be airing mostly in Russia, a two-minute version will also be running in the U.S. in cinemas, as well as online.