Axe : Finding Susan Glenn Episode 1

Guys, it's time to face your demons, er, Susan Glenns.

Published On
Aug 20, 2012

Editor's Pick

Axe extends the sophisticated turn it took in the BBH New York "Susan Glenn" spot from last month with a web series directed by and starring Max Greenfield. (Veronica Mars, New Girl) The 6-part series can be viewed on Axe's YouTube channel and Facebook page, and shows Greenfield's character summoning up enough courage to talk to his Susan Glenn -- another name for the kind of girl guys could never manage to get up the guts to speak with.

There's also a healthy social media outreach, where guys across the nation can tell their stories about their own Susan Glenns on Facebook and Twitter. And at, Axe invites you to take action and pipe up in a virtual Times Square environment, through Facebook Connect.