Explore the First World War with the Guardian's Interactive Documentary

Harrowing Content Includes Footage of the Trenches

Published On
Jul 23, 2014

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To commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War, The Guardian has created an interactive documentary on the web letting users explore a plethora of historical content. The project, produced with the support of the U.K.'s Imperial War Museums, who provided archival support and consultancy, includes a 32-minute documentary exploring the war from every angle, from its origins to its aftermath, using the voices of 10 leading historians from around the world.

The main narrative is interwoven with content -- some of it harrowing -- about different aspects of the war, using archived letters, poems, recordings and newspaper articles from across the world, ranging from Germany to India. Users can also explore further with interactive maps, data profiles, and close examinations of key factors, trends, and events in the conflict. The bespoke interactives were created by project partner Kiln.

According to the newspaper, the aim is to explore the war from a global perspective, rather than from one country's point of view. The documentary is available in seven languages including Hindi. Francesca Panetta, multimedia special projects editor for the Guardian and director of the documentary, said in a statement: "Our aim was to show the whole picture, both editorially and technically. As far as I know, we've never done such an ambitious project in so many languages. I hope this will be a resource people can use for years."