Hyundai : Fishing Trip

David Shane Directs Subtly Funny Spots

Published On
Sep 09, 2016

Editor's Pick

In Hyundai's campaign for its NFL sponsorship, football fans will sacrifice anything to get their fix.

That includes a Miami Dolphins fan saying goodbye to an expensive-looking fishing boat, all because his wife informed him her parents wanted to be taken out on it on Sunday. "Not my Sunday," he says calmly as he sets it adrift after a smooth trip to the marina in his Hyundai Elantra.

Another spot shows what happens when a Pittsburgh Steelers' fan's baby son spits up on a car journey. The only thing available is a precious Steelers towel he got as a kid. So he literally sacrifices the shirt off his back (and doesn't miss the game on the radio thanks to his Hyundai Santa Fe's Touch Screen with Sirius XM recording feature.)

The spots, directed with trademark subtlety by comedy master David Shane at O Positive for Innocean, end with the tagline: "We won't judge" and promote the hashtag "#BecauseFootball."