This Self-Involved Car Ad Isn't as Self-Involved as You Think

Mercedes Delivers Divine Comedy to Sponsorship of Berlin Fashion Week

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Jan 15, 2015

Editor's Pick

You might expect and explosion of gloss, pomp and self-involvement when you merge fashion with cars, but this film from Mercedes, to promote its sponsorship of Berlin Fashion Week, is everything but. Well, it does have some of that, but it's doused with a thick layer of expert comedy to make it a totally enjoyable -- and funny -- ride.

Created out of agency Alldayeveryday, "A Fistful of Wolves" stars Justin O'Shea, buying director of fashion boutique, his girlfriend, Veronika Heilbrunner, the site's fashion editor and a 1970 Mercedes C111 concept car. Throughout the film, Mr. O'Shea acts out the standard fashion and car ad cliches -- pondering "deep" thoughts, posing dramatically and walking in slow-motion -- accompanied by all the expected cinematic touches. All thoughout, he toggles back into the real world, where he goes shopping for milk or lights up when his girlfriend comes by with cake. His friends wonder "what's up," and as Mr. O'Shea thinks back, they all make a startling discovery.