Bubbles Censor the Rage in Sodastream's Funny Holiday Spots

'Healthy' Gifts Trigger Streams of Expletives

Published On
Nov 29, 2016

Editor's Pick

The etiquette of what to do when receiving unwanted holiday gifts has already provided a rich source of comedy for advertisers at Christmas (see past campaigns such as CurrysPCWorld's spots featuring Jeff Goldblum teaching people how to react with dignity, and Harvey Nichols' Giftface ad.).

But if Brits are concerned with trying to look polite when they get a gift that offends them, it seems that Americans are somewhat blunter. In Sodastream's holiday spots, people react to healthy living-themed presents -- be it workout DVDs (seen here), a fitness tracker, fitness straps or an almond press -- with a stream of expletives. These are cleverly bleeped out by the bubbling sounds of a Sodastream, and at the end of each spot, the aggrieved recipients of the gifts are given a nice glass of something bubbly -- and healthy -- to calm down with.

The ads were created for Sodastream by Bay Area production company Where The Buffalo Roam.