BT : Flatmates - Meet Anna

Off to college.

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Jan 09, 2012

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BT enters a new phase of its long-running 'Jane and Adam' campaign by sending Jane's older son, Joe, off to University. Three films, showing Joe arriving at his new flat and introducing his two flatmates, Simon and Anna, broke online prior to the launch of the main campaign this weekend. Ads by AMV.BBDO will follow the three characters through the laughs, trials and tribulations of sharing a flat with BT Infinity powering their online adventures. Each of the three characters will also have their own digital avatar. Maxus, Ogilvy, LBI and Fishburn Hedges also worked on the campaign.

The sitcom-style campaign has been running since 2005 and last year saw Jane and Adam get married with Facebook fans helping plan their wedding. It took place to coincide with the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.