Domestos : Flush of Fortune

Restroom roulette.

Published On
Mar 26, 2012

Editor's Pick

Wheel of Fortune meets the toilet seat with the game/website, launched by bleach brand Domestos and its UK agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine to promote its new Extended Germ Kill product.

On the site, visitors log in with Facebook for a chance to win £1,000 each day, for three weeks, by playing a roulette-style game. A ring of twelve toilets sits in the centre of the screen, and a red ball passes slowly around the ring, clockwise, from one toilet to the next. Inside the ring another ring rotates in the opposite direction, made up of all the faces of people currently playing the game. When the music stops, the wheel slows down until the red ball stops on the winner. By sharing the site via social media, players can also slow down, speed up or reverse the motion of the wheel.