EightbyEight/Ghost Robot : The Flying Dutchman

Published On
Jul 14, 2014

Editor's Pick

Soccer magazine EightbyEight teamed up with production company Ghost Robot and director Adam Levite to capture the most nail-biting moments of the tournament, but on a whole new level, in three artful reenactments. The best one, arguably, is this gorgeous slo-mo take of "The Bite Seen Round the World" from the June 24 match between Italy and Uruguay, when Luis Suarez dug his teeth into Italian player Giorgio Chiellini, leading to a massive social media feeding frenzy.

The series also captures a glorious moment from June 14 during the U.S.'s face off against Ghana when John Brooks delivered a crucial header that gave new drive and hope to the American team, as well as a "Flying Dutchman" moment during the Spain vs. Netherlands June 13 match featuring Robin Van Persie's diving header.

According to Ghost Robot Executive Producer Mark De Pace, the films were all re-enactments, cast with "the best lookalikes we could find" and all shot on a Phantom cam.