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Festive Ad From British Retailer Marks & Spencer Ties in With Twitter Account Dispensing Random Acts of Kindness

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Nov 07, 2014

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British retailer Marks & Spencer's festive commercial centers on two fairies who spread their "magic and sparkle" to make the season altogether more exciting. To the soundtrack of "Fly Me to the Moon," the duo, clad in the retailer's latest fashions, soar around a city transforming grey laundry on a line into glittery party dresses, finding lost cats and turning "boring" gifts (a red alarm clock -- very possibly a dig at rival John Lewis' 2013 ad, "Bear and Hare," in which the surprise gift was exactly that) into more romantic ones (a satiny bra). Heck, they even make it snow so that kids sitting glued to their electronic devices rush out to play, and what parent wouldn't welcome that?

Created by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R and directed by Phillippe Andre at Independent Films, with VFX by MPC, the ad isn't quite as fabulous as last year's Alice in Wonderland extravaganza. However, Marks & Spencer has been running a clever Twitter campaign in the run-up to its release. For the past week, it's been dispensing random acts of kindness anonymously via @TheTwoFairies on Twitter -- for example, serving up treats to workers on long hospital night shifts, or covering a school in Cornwall with fake snow. PR agency Unity was responsible.