Unicef Creates a Computer-Generated Girl to Speak for All Children in Crisis

Animated 3D Video Was Created From 500 Photographs

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Apr 18, 2016

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Unicef Sweden has created a video featuring an emotive appeal from a young girl called Sofia -- except she isn't a real girl at all. The girl in the video is actually a computer-generated "virtual" child, composed of 500 photographs of real children suffering in conflict zones around the world.

Agency Edelman Deportivo created the campaign using photography from Getty Images and a team of animators from Pixel Grinder which has worked on movies such as "Planet of the Apes" and "Avatar." The girl was given the name Sofia as it's the most common girl's name worldwide. In the film, which is running on Facebook, the girl explains that she isn't real, but gives examples of the many different identities of "Sofia," with different stories to tell.

Johan Rynell, creative planner at Edelman Deportivo, said in a statement: "The media narrative favors one issue and one human faith at the time. Therefore, most conflicts are not covered by media at all, while some conflicts get all the atteniton. This creates a cultural illusion that a few conflicts stand for the vast majority of children's unfair and unacceptable conditions. In this cultural context, we needed to let media focus on one face and one voice. But that voice needed to speak up for all children living in emergency areas. Our creative solution was Sofia."