Don't Worry, Donald -- These Stars Are Going to Tackle Voter Fraud

But They Have Very Little to Do When It Comes to Trump's Big Issue in Really 'Boring' Save the Day Ad

Published On
Oct 19, 2016

Editor's Pick

Given all of Donald Trump's talk about "voter fraud," Joss Whedon has mobilized his celebrity troops to help stamp out the problem in a funny '80s cop-show inspired film from his voter organization Save the Day.

Actors Luis Guzman, Minka Kelly and Anders Holm play the "Fraud Squad," a group of anti-fraud agents primed to catch sneaky voters in the act. The video starts out with a high-octane opener, showing culprits being cuffed and high-speed chases, but when it comes to the show itself, things get really, really boring.

Agents Holm and Kelly sit about at their desk, gazing blankly at the walls because the biggest conflict on their plates is whether to have Greek or Italian for lunch. But they immediately perk up when Guzman, who plays squad captain, bolts in with news from the commissioner: "It's not a costume party," he says. "Just regular clothes."

All the non-action, however, allows viewers to take in some info displayed on the screen, such as "a study in the U.S. of in-person voter fraud between 2000-2014 found 31 incidents out of one billion votes. -- The Washington Post, 8/6/14" and "In North Carolina, a federal court said the state's voter ID laws 'target African-Americans with almost surgical precision. - The New York Times, 7/29/16."

This is the fifth celebrity-driven ad to come out of unabashedly anti-Trump Save the Day. Others include the multi-star launch film, aserious entreaty from actor Jesse Williams and Keegan-Michael Key's hilarious, metaphorical weather forecast.