This Invasive 'Prank' Campaign Will Take Over an Innocent Guy's Life

Febelfin Stunt Shows Dangers of Putting Info on the Internet

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Jul 09, 2013

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Duval Guillaume Modem is certainly kicking things up a notch when it comes to prank campaigns. The agency, which is known for stunt work for Carlsberg and TNT, introduces a new, creep-tastic campaign for Febelfin, a governmental oversight organization for financial companies. 

In the campaign, a man takes over another guy's life, using a Mission Impossible-style mask, a phishing email, and a phone call. Eventually, he makes hotel reservations, buys a stunningly expensive musical instrument, and posts photos online of himself, masquerading as the victim. The message: Be safe online.

While the tactics used in the campaign might seem especially horrifying to users in the U.S., truth is that laws around shocking people tend to be a little less tight abroad, especially in continental Europe. Kris Hoet, managing partner and head of digital at Duval Guillaume, told Creativity during an earlier story that some of the things his agency pulls off, such as this 007 stunt for Coke, just wouldn't be possible Stateside. 

As for the dubious point of actually stealing money from a bank account, as this video shows, the agency didn't actually pilfer thousands of Euros from the victim. Duval said in an email that it used actors to "sell" the harp -- so nothing was actually bought. 


Jul 09, 2013
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Duval Guillame Modem
Production Company :
Director :
Tom Willems
Executive Producer :
Geert De Wachter
Producer :
Audrey Dierckx
Production Assistant :
Lynn Bernaerts
Director, Photography :
Frank Dewaele
Art Director :
Sofie Noyen
Makeup :
Kevin Vandenbergh
Editing :
Joris Rabijns
Music Composition :
Gregory Caron
Actor :
Steven Van Meulen
Graphics :
Isaac Gozin
Online :
Helena Overlaet-Michiel
Post Producer :
Leslie Verbist
Creative Director :
Geoffrey Hantson
Creative :
Kristoff de Prins
Creative :
Vincent Daenen
TV Producer :
Marc Van Buggenhout

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