Adopted Puppies Get MINIS To Drive Home In

Campaign for SPCA and MINI is an extension of last year's 'Driving Dogs'

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Mar 12, 2013
Free Dog With Every Car

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Last year, MINI New Zealand won our hearts with "Driving Dogs," a campaign it did along with the Auckland arm of the SPCA and DraftFCB that taught pooches how to drive -- in the hopes that would draw attention to how smart and talented these dogs were, and lead to adoptions. Now, the agency wants to give other SPCA adoptees a chance to drive around too, so it gave newly adopted puppies a free "car" made out of cardboard that they could drive home in. Shaped like a MINI, the special carry box transforms into a dog bed where the puppies can live the first eight weeks of their lives.

Like all MINIs, new owners could customize the car with with an alphabetic sticker sheet to create a personalized license plate. It even came with an "owner's manual."