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Ready, set, contort.

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Apr 24, 2012
Free Face

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Stretch out that facial muscles and give them a workout, with this fun new app from Nike and Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo. 'Free Face' lets you get all up in your webcam's face so the more you contort your face, the more you can control the Nike Free's sole. The stronger your expression (the weirder you look) the harder the shoe works.

The site is built entirely in Flash and uses both facial recognition and expression recognition technologies. First, it will photograph your 'at-ease' (normal) expression, then use that as a base to calculate how flexible your face is. The movement of the shoe will then depend on various things -- the horizontal line will be defined using your mouth's symmetry, for example.


Apr 25, 2012
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy-Tokyo
Creative Director :
Caleb Jensen
Associate Creative Director :
Naoki Ga
Copywriter :
Andrew Miller
Copywriter :
Kounosuke Kamitani
Executive Creative Director/Production :
Tota Hasegawa
Technical Director :
Toru Terashima
Programmer :
Tsuyoshi Tanaka
Programmer :
Masatoshi Fujiyama
Project Manager :
Reiko Kawaguchi
Technical Creative Director :
Seiichi Saito
Art Director/Designer :
Masanori Sakamoto
Interactive Director :
Ken Murayama
Markup Engineer :
Shogo Yano
CG Director :
Toru Hayai
CG Designer :
Hiroshi Takeyama
CG Designer :
Takashi Yasuno
CG Designer :
Shign Miyahara
CG Designer :
Yasuhiro Sato
CG Producer :
Keisuke Nishina

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