Mother New York Seeks Raw Talent With a Video Full of Fresh Meat

Agency Is Looking for (Uncooked) Summer Interns

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Mar 19, 2015

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Mother New York is looking for for "fresh meat" for its summer internship scheme -- so it's made this awesome music video which features a whole lot of raw animal. It's filled with graphically uncooked meat of every description, all artfully arranged with some hilarious touches, from steaks draped on heads to face-slapping frankfurters. The message? That Mother wants raw talent, but "day-old meat" need not apply.

Those not of a carnivorous nature might want to look away, but Mother's SVP, managing director, Donald Buscando, has this to say: "At first we were afraid the video may not appeal to vegans or vegetarians. But at the crux of the message we are not asking young people to eat meat, we are simply saying they are the meat. We hope that's clear."

Those interested can apply at a website, As well as getting the chance to work for the agency, in keeping with the meat theme, interns will man the grills at a celebratory rooftop barbecue at the end of their stint.

For another clever recruitment idea, check out this sad story from German agency Labamba.


Mar 19, 2015
Mother-New York

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