Carlsberg Tests if Your Friends Would Save You from Thugs

Latest stunt tests the limits of your buddies' loyalty

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Mar 13, 2013

Editor's Pick

Carlsberg is no stranger to stunt advertising. It struck viral gold a couple of years ago with "Bikers in a Cinema," which landed at #4 in Creativity's yearly "Best of" list. But the viral landscape today is very different from 2011: Pranks are about as common as bugs, with advertisers from TNT to Nivea to upcoming movies pulling off elaborate, entertaining stunts. Carlsberg's newest effort, out of Duval Guillaume Modem, centers on the concept of a "true friend." The company got people to call up friends in the middle of the night, telling them they had landed in major trouble during a game of poker, and asked the friend to bring some cash to a dodgy, subterranean club. An accompanying digital element lets you play along and see how many of your Facebook friends -- who, let's face it, may not really friends at all -- would help you out in the middle of the night.

As is the case with most of these stunts, there is of course a chance that it was entirely staged -- it's surprising many of the friends didn't even think about calling the police.