Philips : Fry Everything

Fry, fry, fry again.

Published On
Jan 25, 2012

Editor's Pick

In Korea, Philips used social media to generate interest in its AirFryer product, an oil-free method of deep frying, and convince skeptical consumers that it really did work.

A Facebook app, developed by Seoul agency INNORED, let the consumer star in their own movie as a famous food critic who is visiting Korea to find an oil-free fried dish. They were asked to select any ingredient that they wish to fry. Then a chef and his assistant would serve deep-fried dishes cooked by the Philips Airfryer. During the story, their name and profile picture featured in the movie, along with those of their Facebook friends. A search bar built into the social movie allowed people to put any keywords and be presented with several different storylines corresponding to the keywords. The movies can be viewed on the Airfryer website.

Some 60,000 people took part, and results included Philips Airfryer ranking as the most-searched keyword on Korea's biggest search engine. The Airfryer also sold out three times on a TV shopping channel within an hour, and 10,000 units were sold in three hours, which was more than 20% of expected sales for six months.