Best of 2014 #6 Print/Outdoor/Design: This Nike Vending Machine Accepts Only Fuelband Points

Machine Moved Around the Streets of NYC to Reward Fuelband Users

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Jul 24, 2014

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At #6 in Print/Outdoor/Design, we thought vending machines were starting to get stale, but Nike and Huge delivered a real winner in the Nike+ Fuelbox, which allowed NYC users of the Nike Fuelband system to redeem their workout points for real Nike gear.

Original Post:

Nike and agency Huge placed a vending machine on the streets of New York City this week to reward users of its Fuelband workout system. The exercise-related Nike goods in the so-called FuelBox -- including t-shirts, caps and socks -- are free, but only in exchange for Fuelband points. No cash or cards are accepted. In another twist, Nike is moving the machine (dubbed the Nike+ FuelBox) each day to different venues around the city -- and dropping hints on Twitter as to its new location.