Volkswagen : Fun Theory Winner

Does this top the piano staircase?

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Mar 29, 2010

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DDB Stockholm announced that the winner of the Fun Theory (Rolighetsteorin, in Swedish), contest is U.S.-based Kevin Richardson, who came up with an idea to keep drivers happy, and richer, while they paid heed to the speed limit.

"Speed Camera Lottery" builds off the idea of cameras found at many U.S. stoplights today, which take pictures of speeders, resulting in imposed tickets and fines. Richardson's idea goes one step further, however. Speed limit minders caught on camera are rewarded for their good behavior with entry to a lottery, through which they can win the fines paid by the speeders.

Richardson is a senior producer at Nickelodeon Kid & Family Games Group in San Francisco. According to agency account director Michael Bugaj, the day Richardson had found out about the Fun Theory contest, there was an accident in his neighborhood involving two girls on a bike who got hit by a car, which inspired him to come up with his winning idea.

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