What a Cop Does to These Basketball-Playing Kids Will Surprise You, in Ad From Dignity Health

Latest 'Hello Humankindness' Ad From Eleven Has Timely Arrival

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Sep 21, 2016

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Dignity Health continues to use found footage from the internet to illustrate touching real-life moments of human kindness -- and its latest makes for a timely comment given the current tensions in the U.S. with race relations and police violence.

The new ad highlights what at first seems like a precariously frightening moment in Gainesville, Florida, when a police officer responds to a complaint from a neighbor about noisy kids playing basketball in the street. When we see the officer, who is white, approach one of the kids, who is black, we're practically primed to expect the worst, thanks to headlines that continue to dominate the news.

The story has a much better ending, however, and basically shows how the officer blew the complaint off and started playing ball with the kids. The clip was pulled from a video that was posted by the Gainesville Police Department earlier this year and had gone viral. I

The new ad, from San Francisco agency Eleven, continues Dignity's ongoing campaign taglined "Hello Humankindness." Previous spots include an amazingly cute video of a kid helping an opponent get up on an ice hockey rink, and divers rescuing a whale shark.