SportsCenter anchors play video games with Olympians to test out Nikes

Neil Everett and Stan Verrett competed against Carmelita Jeter in another game-themed promotion for Epic React running shoes

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Apr 13, 2018

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To promote its Epic React running shoes, Nike held an interactive event in Los Angeles in which people--including a pair of SportsCenter anchors and Olympians--competed in a virtual race.

Players could create (and subsequently become) avatars within a 400-meter video game race, in which they ran on giant, double-wide treadmills while jumping, zig-zagging and sprinting as they reacted to a series of CG obstacles on screen.

Some made it, while others didn't, resulting in competitors wiping out and swinging from their harnesses. In the end, only one player per race came out victorious. The race took place on April 10-11 at L.A.'s Microsoft Square and Circa. The campaign included an integration with ESPN SportsCenter, in which hosts Neil Everett and Stan Verrett competed against Olympian Carmelita Jeter. The film of that aired during SportsCenter on April 11-12.

Wieden & Kennedy worked on the project, which ties in with the wider "Choose Go" campaign for Epic React. Earlier, Nike and the agency introduced a similar, video-game-themed idea to promote the shoe e in China.